Definition of a Professional Learning Community (PLC)

An effective professional learning community has the capacity to promote and sustain the learning of all professionals and other staff in the school community with the collective purpose of enhancing pupil learning.

What is a Professional Learning Community?

A school that operates as a 'professional learning centre' engages the entire group of professionals in coming together for learning within a supportive, self-centred community. Teacher and administrator learning is more complex, deeper and more fruitful in a social setting, where participants can interact, test their ideas, challenge their inferences and interpretations, and process new information with each other. When new ideas are processed in interaction with others, multiple sources of knowledge and expertise expand and test the new concepts as part of the learning experience. The professional learning centre provides a setting that is richer and more stimulating.

Where do we stand in the PLC?

This school has decided to follow the path of a PLC. This means that we put new emphasis on ideas and concepts long forgotten and neglected. A new approach towards; Learners, Teachers, Parents and the community. The main purpose for this is to improve the relationships between teachers and parents & teachers and learners in order to create a fruitful scenario for better learning and better results.

All this under the emphasis: to celebrate. Celebrate the achievements of the learners in all fields of growth and education. Celebrate the achievements of the teachers especially where learners showed improvement.

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