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WBPS started a new tradition in 2013 when an anchor tower was erected at the school. Walvis Bay Private School is an anchor in any learner involved in WBPS’s life.  If we think of a boat that is anchored through a chain, so are everyone involved at WBPS anchored at the school, all through links such as religion, the teaching staff, our parents, our beautiful learners and all the opportunities offered by the school.  Everything is part of the balance needed for a child to prepare for the outside world.

For the Grade 1 and 8 learners this new Anchor tradition were visually portrayed as the beginning of a new path, a path as part of this wonderful and beautiful school . The Board of Directors, Principal and Staff of WBPS would like to commit ourselves in guiding your grade 1 or grade 8 child to the best of our abilities through his/her school years.

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