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Arts, as an extra-curricular activity, is an essential part of a holistic education. Learners are exposed to different activities that strongly develop creativity and confidence. In this way, many a learner discovers with delight hidden talents. Arts activities are embedded in values and norms to create responsible, balanced young adults.


The highlight of the WBPS Arts activities is the ASTRA Awards Gala-evening where all the extraordinary talent that was showcased throughout the year is celebrated and receives recognition. The sought-after ASTRA trophy was designed by 1998 Head boy Johan Oberholzer.


Some of the platforms where learners have the opportunity to showcase their talents are:

• Namibian Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment (NATME)

• ATKV-Redenaars

• ATKV-Tienertoneel

• NICTUS-NAPSO Arts and Culture Festival

• Waltons Griffelkompetisie


Extra-curricular activities could include:

• Die Orakel – WBPS school newspaper - Editorial team

• Creative Writing Competitions/Kreatiewe Skryfwerkkompetisies

• Mr & Miss WBPS

• Junior Town Council

• Drama Club

• Vocal Coaching

• Nativity Play

• Musical/Revue

• Teens for Christ (T4C)

• ATKV Redenaars

• Debat & Dink of Sink-debat

• Voortrekkers

Our Teens 4 Christ is dedicated to reaching our learners with the gospel of Jesus Christ, helping them grow in the Lord, and guiding them as disciples of Jesus.

The purpose-built recording studio can unleash learners' creative potential, and serve to widen the breadth of their musical knowledge and understanding. Learners participate in various art competitions.

We acknowledge official achievements which learners have received for arts activities at WBPS or at any registered institution, e.g. UNISA, Trinity, Royal Academy of Dance, etc. The activities of the local Voortrekker youth movement receive recognition as well.

The WBPS school newspaper - Die Orakel - is actively part of the NMH School Newspaper Project. My Zone is the youth brand of Namibia Media Holdings that empowers young journalists. The WBPS learner can participate in various activities among which journalism, photography, broadcasting and web design can be considered as choices.

The WBPS Arts certainly provides a platform for all aspiring artists!

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