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The Grade 6 camp is an annual event that provides a platform for learners to develop leadership skills; it forms an important basis on which to improve teamwork for the next year. Although our school ranges from Grade R to Grade 12, we still expect and provide ample opportunities for our junior youth leaders to develop their skills.

The camp itself focusses on Christian values, knowing your leadership style and how it fits in effectively with the rest of the group, basing leadership on core values and developing physical problem solving techniques as well as teamwork.

We usually travel outside of town to remove the learners from their comfort zone and create a challenging yet encouraging atmosphere where they can depend on each other and get to know their teachers and fellow classmates in a different setting.


The obstacle course always delivers immense breakthroughs in physical and emotional barriers as we challenge learners to achieve more and try their best in a safe space with the necessary support system in place.

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