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The Grade 6 learners of Walvis Bay Private School had a fantastic time camping at Goanikontes. Mrs Van Dyk, Mrs Van der Westhuizen and Mr Van Niekerk accompanied our learners. The students were dropped off a few kilometers from camp and enjoyed the brisk morning walk. Once they arrived at camp all were divided into groups and various activities were done with the intention of improving communication and building positive relationships.

Our aims of getting to know one another, working together as the Gr.7 class of 2023 and overcoming personal challenges, were met.

The students truly immersed themselves in the activities held. The students learned very much, and they also taught the teachers much about laughter, hope and energy. We are grateful towards all who contributed to this successful camp, especially to our staff who accompanied the learners and to our school’s Board of Directors for creating opportunities for our learners.

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