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During November we celebrated the Grade 7 farewell.  It was an adventurous day, starting with the girls vs. the boys in the netball games. Best wishes were shared, and one could feel the excitement of the celebration.

The group departed for Swakopmund and upon arrival, took a walk along the beach and explored the jetty, which set the joyful tone for the day.

We finally made our way to the paintball centre in anticipation of the games we would play. Each of the four groups were named and had a battle cry to add to the fun.

The end of the primary phase is, in fact, only the start of a new phase – a new opportunity to wake up every day with gratitude to go ahead and strive to achieve all the things that you have ever wanted.

Grade 7, we wish you well and may all your dreams come true! Thank you for playing your part in reaching for the stars at WBPS.

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