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Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Learners

WBPS prides itself to be the school where everybody counts. We are a very strong team and our members are our learners, parents/guardians and teachers. We pride ourselves to be a school of excellence. Everybody has one goal in mind, and that is to be the very best in what you can be. We do not believe in moderate efforts, but are always willing to walk the extra mile to achieve only the very best according to our abilities.


We offer a variety of extra-mural activities. Our academics are our priority and therefore we are all committed to do our very best. On the sport front, we offer athletics, hockey, netball, rugby, tennis, archery and cricket. We are highly competitive and excellent achievements are at the order of the day. Our cultural activities are also of highest quality and we are one of the top performing schools in the country, when it comes to the several cultural activities offered at the school.

We do believe in order, routine and discipline, hard work and dedication. These are the most important ingredients for being successful.

Since January 2021, we offer classes from Grade R to Grade 12. To qualify to be part of this wonderful Naartjie family, we will ask from you to be part, to take part and stay part of the school activities at our school.

Kind regards


Mr. Henjan van der Hyde


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