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​School Fees are set by the Board of Directors and reviewed on an annual basis after the school budget requirements have been determined.

General Guidelines and Table of fees for 2024


Walvis Bay Private School is registered in terms of the Companies Act, 1973, as an Incorporated Association Not for Gain and, in terms of the Education Act 2001, as a PRIVATE school with subsidy.


  • Written application for enrolment of a child is to be addressed to The Principal, Walvis Bay Private School, P O Box 567, Walvis Bay.

  • Applicant will be considered when the application form has been completed and received by the school.

  • This application does not guarantee placement in the school, nor does the date of application indicate any specific order of priority.

  • Collateral information will be obtained from previous schools in order to determine the learner’s general behaviour and academic achievements.

  • The applicant and his/her parents may be interviewed.

  • New applicants must undergo a language and mathematics evaluation/school readiness test.

  • Payment of the book fees will be seen as a binding commitment that your child will take up his/her place as agreed.

  • The book fee is not refundable if your child does not take up a place at the school.  However, if, for whatever reason, the offer of a place is withdrawn by the school, the book fee will be refunded.



  • A non-refundable book fee of N$1150.00 (Grade R) is payable annually upon acceptance of placement.

  • A non-refundable book fee of N$2700.00 (Grades 1 – 12) is payable annually upon acceptance of placement.

Included in the book fees are:

  • School Diary

  • All Classroom aid (Grade R)

  • Use of text books Grade 1 – 12

  • Matriculants booklet

  • Prospectus

  • Class room stationery (primary phase)

  • All writing books Grade 1 - 12

  • All study notes and summaries

  • All exam papers and copies


Primary Phase Grade 1 – 7 Compulsory Supplementary Subject fee is payable upon acceptance. 

A yearly fee of N$550.00 per year is payable with application/re-application acceptance for ICT (Grade 1 – 7)


Secondary Phase (Grade 8 – 12) choice subject fee is payable after subject discussion (Grade 8 & Grade 10). Learners will only be considered for enrolment for a supplementary subject if the fee is paid in full. 


  • A yearly fee of N$850.00 per year is payable for Office Practice (Grade 8 – 12)

  • A yearly fee of N$410.00 per year is payable for Design and Technology (Grade 8 – 12)

  • A once-off fee of N$1000.00 is payable for the purchase of the Compulsory Design and Technology drawing set (New and Grade 8 learners)


  • Yearly subscription fee for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) program

  • Maintenance, replacement and upgrade of equipment

  • Classroom furniture and teacher resources

  • Any and all materials & paper for classroom projects.


School fees are set by the Board of Directors and reviewed on an annual basis after the school budget requirements have been determined.  School fees is payable monthly IN ADVANCE for 12 months (Grade R – 11), and 10 months (Grade 12 learners).

⦁    Grade R   

      N$2050.00 per month x 12 months

      Termly (2 % discount allowed) = N$8036.00 per term

      Annual (5% discount allowed)  = N$23370.00 per year


⦁    Grade 1 to Grade 11   

      N$3800.00 per month x 12 months

      Termly (2 % discount allowed) = N$14896.00 per term

      Annual (5% discount allowed)  = N$43320.00 per year

⦁    Grade 12

      N$4560.00 per month x 12 months

      Termly (2 % discount allowed) = N$14896.00 per term

      Annual (5% discount allowed)  = N$43320.00 per year



  • A discount of 5% is offered for full upfront payments (payment must be received by the 28th of February)

  • A discount of 2% is offered for three equal payments (January, April, August).

  • A discount of 10% is offered on the third child (and further siblings) in a family attending our school. The first two children pay the fee in full.



  • by debit order, the first installment payable on 1st of January (debit order form attached);

  • by electronic payments to be paid by no later than the 1st day of each month, commencing 1 January (please provide proof thereof);

  • annually, before the 28th of February or three equal payments by the first day of January, April and August.

School fees include:

  • Affiliation fees for: NAPSO, NSSU, WSSR

  • All sport and culture participation and or enrolment fees

  • Sport equipment

  • All Science fair, Mathematics and Language Olympiads entry fees

  • All bus and transport fees for school relevant activities (sport, academic and culture excursions)

  • Art and Music as part of our school curriculum

  • Mind Moves as part of our school curriculum

  • Physical Education as part of our school curriculum

  • Remedial and reading classes (learner assistance)

  • Guidance Centre assistance which includes learner support, counselling, assistance with subject choice and university applications

  • Grade 1 school readiness test and assistance

  • Grade 4 study fitness

  • Psychometric testing

  • Physical science and Biology laboratory equipment and examination materials

  • Academic, Sport and Culture prize-givings

  • Grade 12: Matric Farewell, Valedictory Day and Forty Days celebrations


Walvis Bay Private School

Bank Windhoek

Walvis Bay Branch – 481-872

Account No. 1044056090

Reference:  Account number or Name of child

Kindly email or fax proof of payment to or fax: 064-207610.




  • Learners whose school fees are unpaid (for 30 days), will not be permitted to attend classes nor participate in any school sport or cultural and/or other activity, until the payment of school fees is up to date. 

  • Should outstanding fees not be paid within fourteen days of the date of default, a breach of the terms of admission will be declared and the learner/s will not be allowed to return to the school.

  • Accounts older than 90 days (three months in arrears) will be handed to our attorneys for collection and such parent(s) and or guardian(s) shall be responsible for all attorney and other costs incurred in collecting the outstanding amount.

  • Reapplication forms will not be available and learners will not be admitted to school if and when: unpaid accounts from the preceding year in respect of any school fees have not been settled in full by the end of the academic year, unpaid fees for the term are not paid by the start of the new term, or payment of the annual book fee is not received upon acceptance.

  • Academic updates and results will only be available if and when school fees are paid in full.


Grade 12 learners:

NB: Parents of Grade 12 learners, please note this special payment condition:

ALL fees must have been paid up to date by the time that the Matric Farewell function takes place. Learners will not be permitted to take part in any function(s) as long as fees are in arrears. School fees for the entire final year needs to be paid in full by the 1st of October of any subsequent calendar year.


The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend any of the above rulings without prior notice.  Unless stated otherwise, amendments to any rules will apply with immediate effect.

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