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Old Scholars or any individual from the community can buy advertising space on the perimeter walls around the Sports fields. The specification of the current advertisement space on offer is 3m x 1,5m and the cost for one advertisement space is N$5000 which includes the sign writing done by Donelia Sign-writing.

  • The school publishes a newsletter once per month. Advertisements can also be placed in this newsletter for N$200. The advertiser also needs to give two reams of paper to the school.

  • Advertising Flyers of companies can also be handed out to learners. Advertisers need to prepare the flyers according to the correct amount of learners per grade before delivered by the school. This information will be available from the school secretary. The cost for distributing the flyers will be N$200. The flyers will be distributed together with the School Newsletter.

Contact the marketing office for more information.

Zea van der Heijden

+264 64 279 259

+264 81 694 6334

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