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Riaan Lotriet

Vice Chairman:

Dirk Bosman


Bianca Lotriet



Rúnelle Zerbe


BOD Representative:

Frank Scholtz


Henjan van der Hyde



Willie van Zyl

PTA Representatives


Additional members:

At an extraordinary general meeting held on 20 July 2010, it was resolved that the Walvis Bay Private School Old Scholars Association be established.

Some of the objectives of the WBPS OSA are to foster interaction and promote unity and friendship between former scholars and staff, present learners and staff, to further school-day friendships and to encourage a spirit of loyalty amongst present learners. In addition: to enjoy the mutual benefits that can arise through a sustained relationship with the school and former scholars, to assist the further development of the school and to promote the welfare of the school, through the co-operation of former scholars; by providing scholarships, bursaries, prizes, contributions and donations.

The Primary Goals of the WBPHS Old Scholars Association

  • To encourage old scholars to become active ambassadors for the school

  • To get old scholars to initiate not less than 20 WBPS scholarships

  • To assist the school in continuing to invest in the highest quality teachers and coaches

  • To promote WBPS as a school renowned for academic excellence

  • To enhance the sporting facilities to create a sporting academy of excellence

  • To lobby big businesses, listed funds and private individuals for financial support

  • To improve the old scholar networking via email and the school's website

  • To track and profile the success of WBPS old scholars and in doing so reflect on the role WBPS has played in the old scholar's post-school life

  • To invest funds as an endowment to generate interest with which to build the WBPS of the future


Who can become a member of the OSA?

  • Any scholar that completed at least one year at WBPS

  • Members of Club 1000 and 5000 are automatically members of the OSA.

  • Ex officio members such as principals and teachers

  • Associate members such as friends, supporters or parents of learners who were or still are part of WBPS


The Advantages of being an OSA Member

  • Rent the Old Scholars Association Clubhouse for private functions

  • Receive information from the school on a regular basis including updates about school events, reunions and news about past scholars

  • Stay in touch with old friends

  • Valuable networking contacts for your business

  • Knowing that a contribution is made to better the education of our children


Through mentoring, support of the school system and scholarship programs, members of the OSA can enrich the experience of scholars currently enrolled at Walvis Bay Private School.

Please note: Joining the OSA is not just about paying subs. It is about keeping in touch with old friends and retaining links with WBPS. The OSA strives to provide as many benefits as possible to its members, so if you have an idea on how we could make the OSA better for you, we would love to hear it.



In many ways the old scholars are the eyes and ears of the school in the community. Please contact us if you recognise opportunities or initiatives that may benefit the school. These may be related to advances in teaching and learning, assistant sports coaching, assistant drama or music coaching, development of facilities, or prudential but promising investments.

Visit our website for more information:

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